I am a very frustrated old man; I do not want endure more political garbage being heaped on me but it keeps coming. Trouble is I have no more political power left – I have already voted. My vote was the only source of power that I had and and political garbage is still being heaped on me. I feel powerless to fend it off. Wait a minute! Maybe, if I somehow disabled the mechanism which delivers garbage to me, I could then, perhaps, pretend the garbage does not exist; out of sight, out of mind. The trouble with that approach is the pervasive stink of the garbage. I reckon that the only real solution open to me is to continue to work towards the elimination of the source of the garbage. But I expended all of my political power when I voted! It seems the only action open to me is to stop paying attention to the news and to learn to tolerate the stench (which seems to be coming from the White House). It is a source of amazement to me that millions of citizens actually voted in favor of this political garbage and the stench that comes with it. However, relief in the form of a heady fragrance, emanating from the coming post-‘Trump & company’ era, is reported to be on its way. This will surely aid in ridding our noses of the awful smell associated with ‘Trump & company’. It can’t get here soon enough as the stench is getting worse by the day. However, it is also a certainty that we will be in need of divine intervention if the post-‘Trump & company’ era does not smell as sweet as we are promised.

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