I am not sure I want to write this! I have deliberately avoided writing anything about the  (      TBD      )  now ensconced in the Oval Office because of my inability to find a suitable word for  (   TBD    ). This is very frustrating to me. I watch CNN a lot and this, and I am sure of this, is a contributing factor to my frustration. My biggest problem seems to be that I am expecting the  (     TBD    ) to do or say something which will definitely and finally let me decide what word, or words, are the best choice for  (    TBD     ). He frustrates me constantly by establishing new lows which render the extant standards of behavior established  for our presidents obsolete. Just when I start to think he has reached the absolute lowest level of  brain activity possible without being at risk of being mistaken for dead, he sinks to a new low!  He has sunk to such low levels that he has completely out stripped the capacity of the English language to suitably add to its lexicon the new words necessary to describe his actions. How do I possibly write anything about the  (  TBD   ) if there are no words. It seems as though I must make do with the observation that we have a President whose every pronouncement is so bereft of logical thinking and truth that words are not available with which to describe it. I do not believe anything the (   TBD   ) says!

Think about the implication of what I just said is: I AM AN AMERICAN CITIZEN AND I CANNOT TRUST MY GOVERNMENT TO TELL ME THE TRUTH ABOUT ANYTHING. This is a pitiful state of affairs for me to be in but it is to be expected when we do not value high standards of behavior in the public discourse of our common affairs. Our nations greatest moments lie in our future, not our past. But only if we, the people, rise to the occasion!


I am 89 years old and was married for 66 years. My wife passed away in 2016. I am a retired engineer and spent 35 years developing INS gyroscopes. I was a High School mentor in physics, a mountaineer, a model builder, a machinist and I have a degree in Physics. My interests include railroad history and photography, science history, cosmology, interesting people, and old engineering drawings. I place a high value on my friendships. I enjoying my life and I try look forward with a sense of anticipation and curiosity about what my future has in store for me.


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