I am halfway through what is perhaps the most remarkable experience of my life with the exception of birth, marriage, and the election of our incumbent President. It is astonishing to me this procedure is performed on hundreds of people daily with a reported 99% success rate. Many of my friends, more than ten, have undergone the same procedure and have told me to, in essence, “Try it, you’ll be glad you did.” Their additional comments, although glowingly put, did not prepare me for the actual impact this procedure is having on my life. This procedure is known to one and all as “cataract eye surgery”. Yes, the one that replaces a nearly opaque natural lens in your eye with a new, 100% plastic, one.

Consider this missive a preliminary report, and the fact that it is 3 AM as I write this, I ask for your forbearance for its brevity. I do want to tell you of the colors. When I opened my “new” eye for the first time, I was stunned by how vivid and bright the colors of my world now appeared. Even now, one week later, I find myself alternately looking through my “new” eye and my “bad” eye to experience the dramatic difference in my perception of colors. I have only one more week in which to perform these little experiments as I am going to have my “bad” eye transformed into my second “new” eye. My remarkable experience continues on. Life is good and getting better!


I am 89 years old and was married for 66 years. My wife passed away in 2016. I am a retired engineer and spent 35 years developing INS gyroscopes. I was a High School mentor in physics, a mountaineer, a model builder, a machinist and I have a degree in Physics. My interests include railroad history and photography, science history, cosmology, interesting people, and old engineering drawings. I place a high value on my friendships. I enjoying my life and I try look forward with a sense of anticipation and curiosity about what my future has in store for me.


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